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Cambridge Seminar 20 April 2009

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I will be giving a seminar paper at Cambridge in May:

Monday 4 May
5.15 p.m. in Room G.21, Faculty of Classics.

Troels Myrup Kristensen (Aarhus): Pagan Idols and Christian Bodies

Blogging Pompeii 17 April 2009

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Beware the dog! A warm welcome to the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii? Photo: TMK, May 2005.

I may (or may not) get back to blogging some more in the near future. This is just a quick post to point to the very useful ‘Blogging Pompeii‘ blog. The list of the contributors to the blog reads (almost) like a who’s who of Pompeian studies. Have a look for yourself.

Oxford Seminar 23 January 2009

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If you find yourself in Oxford in early March, here’s your chance to hear something of what I’ve been doing lately (instead of blogging, that is…):

The Roman Discussion Forum
Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Week 7, 04 March 2009
Troels Myrup Kristensen (Aarhus) “Archaeology of Response: Christian destruction of sculpture in Late Antiquity”

Fayum Travelogue 24 December 2008

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The North temple at Karanis in the Fayum. Photo: TMK, May 2008.

A great series of posts on travelling in the Fayum over at Reflections in the Nile:
Egyptian Bureaucracy
Faiyum Here We Come
Roman Faiyum
Faiyum’s Playground
Narmouthis and Tebtunis
Hawara & Lahun
The Road South

Sagalassos Cover Story 4 December 2008

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There’s a new issue out of Sfinx, the Danish popularizing journal on Mediterranean culture and archaeology. The cover story is a small piece by me on the recent sculptural finds from Sagalassos (“I bad med kejserfamilien”, pp. 170-171). Mainly, I urge readers to visit this spectacular site in Pisidia, and I hope that the Belgian excavators from Leuven receive some Danish visitors during next year’s season! Other features of interest include the latest thoughts on the sculptural programme of the Templum Pacis (do by all means also visit the wonderful new Museum of the Imperial Fora), and an article on the work of Danish architects in Greece (on which an exhibition opens on Friday at Thorvaldsen’s Museum in Copenhagen).

Egyptian Bookmarks 5 November 2008

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I have recently discovered these two very cool websites on Egyptian archaeology:
Description de l’Égypte – the whole thing online with high-resolution scans!
Digital Karnak – helpful to understand the complex chronology of this massive site.

The Survival and Reception of Roman Antiquities in the Middle Ages 9 August 2008

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This is just a brief note to state that Michael Greenhalgh’s The Survival of Roman Antiquities in the Middle Ages (Duckworth 1989) is available online. This is a very interesting study that presents some fascinating data concerning the fate of Roman monuments in the Western provinces, and especially France. It is, however, not as often quoted as it should be. Perhaps this is because the book is entirely devoid of illustrations or maps of any kind…Greenhalgh’s forthcoming Marble Past, Monumental Present: Building with Antiquities in the Medieval Mediterranean (Brill 2008) should be interesting as well.

Autumn 2008 8 August 2008

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Here are my “gigs” for autumn 2008:

Friday 26 September
The Afterlife of Roman Sculpture: Late Antique Perceptions and Practices
University of Aarhus
“The Afterlife of Sculpture in Late Antique Alexandria.”

Friday 10 October
Danish Institute in Damascus, Syria
“Statues in Space: The Display of Sculpture in the Late Antique Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Thursday and Friday 23-24 October
Patrons and Viewers in Late Antiquity
University of Aarhus
“Iconophobia in Late Antiquity: Early Christian Viewers and the Transformation of Pagan Sculpture.”

Saturday 15 November
Debating Urbanism: Within and Beyond the Walls
University of Leicester, UK
“The Display of Statues in the Late Antique Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean: Reflections on Memory, Meaning, and Aesthetics.”

Monday-Wednesday 15-17 December

Theoretical Archaeology Group: Archaeologies of Destruction session
University of Southampton, UK
Title TBA.
Call for papers here.

A Tondo of Pan from Ashkalon 23 July 2008

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I’ve previously highlighted examples of Roman sculpture that were less than aesthetically pleasing. Here’s another case that I recently came across while doing some reading on Roman sculpture in the Levant. This one is even a bit scary, especially the eyes. The sculpture in question is a bust in a tondo depicting Pan. I had not seen a tondo of Pan before, so it was quite an interesting find! It originally comes from Ashkalon in Israel and is today in the Rockefeller Museum (previously the Palestine Archaeological Museum) in Jerusalem. It is considered a product of the workshop of Aphrodisias and thus must have been imported from Asia Minor. Yikes! (Images from Vermeule & Anderson 1981: figs. 20-21).


BMCR RSS 22 July 2008

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Big news! Bryn Mawr Classical Review gets an RSS feed.

Update 11 August: And a blog!