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Sagalassos 23 May 2006

Posted by Troels in : Travel , trackback

Sagalassos is probably one of the most stunning archaeological sites that I’ve visited recently. I took this picture from the hill above the city’s theatre. A larger version can be found here. It shows the central part of the city. Prominently featured is the reconstructed Heroon (the so-called Northwest Heroon) and the Upper Agora with its nymphaeum. The excavators kept an absolutely brilliant online diary during last year’s season and I hope they will repeat the success this year. I can also recommend the museum in Burdur that has some of the finds from Sagalassos. It is undoubtedly one of the best provincial museums in Turkey, although rarely visited. I will soon be uploading more photos from my recent trip to Turkey.


1. Lone Iversen - 23 May 2006

Hej Troels,
Spændende. Er du støt på søjlegaden i Sagalassos by any chance…eller rettere sporerne efter den? Har du taget photos deraf? Og ved du, om der er blevet udgravet mere af søjlegaden?
Kh Lone.

2. Troels - 24 May 2006

Hej Lone

Tak for kommentaren. Søjlegaden (ihvertfald den, der løber N-S) i Sagalassos er jo ikke helt så imponerende som så mange andre steder og den er også afspærret, da belgierne stadig graver der. Men du kan læse mere om den her:

Den kan også skimtes (i mellemgrunden) på et par af mine billeder: http://static.flickr.com/54/151372753_58db108d39_b.jpg

Vi ses,

3. Tijl Vereenooghe - 3 July 2006

“The excavators kept an absolutely brilliant online diary during last year’s season and I hope they will repeat the success this year.”

Thank you, and, yes, we will continue our online excavation diary this summer. Our campaign will start next week. A new feature on the Interactive Dig website is a KMZ file which allows you to visit Sagalassos in Google Earth and learn more about the different parts of the site…

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