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The Tourist Gaze 31 May 2007

Posted by Troels in : Photography,Travel , trackback

Look at the glory of the ancient!
Look at the Glory of the Ancient! Valley of the Kings. Photo: TMK, May 2007.

Looking at Zoser looking back
Looking at Zoser looking back. Serdab of Zoser, Saqqara. Photo: TMK, May 2007.

Gurna from the Ramesseum
Past meets Present at Gurna. Photo: TMK, May 2007.


1. Louise - 31 May 2007

ha ha minder mig om et skilt jeg selv så i nærheden af memnon-kolossen. Skiltet stod ca midt i en losseplads og havde den friske påskrift:


de er skøre de egyptere

2. anthony alcock - 5 June 2007

The English in the KV sign might sound a bit better as: “Contemplate the greatness of our ancestors.” But it still wouldn’t excuse the dreadfully unnecessary sign it’s printed on, especially when contemplation is the last thing anyone is able to do there nowadays.