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Project outline

Preliminary outline of PhD dissertation “Archaeology of Response: Christian Destruction, Mutilation and Transformation of Sculpture in Late Antiquity” (as of March 2009):

Introduction. To Drive Demons Away: The World of Demeas (p. 1-20)

Chapter 1. Making and Breaking the Gods: From Roman Visual Practices to Christian Response (p.21-49)

Chapter 2. Christian Responses to Pagan Sculpture in Egypt (p.50-145)

Chapter 3. Christian Responses to Pagan Sculpture in the Near East
(p. 146-200)

Chapter 4. Pagan Idols and Christian Bodies: Sphragis as Response
(p. 201-230)

Chapter 5. Remembering, Forgetting, and the Life Histories of Roman Statues
(p. 231-255)

Conclusion (p. 255-260)

This is a short outline of my MA thesis (completed August 2006) entitled:
“Towards an Archaeology of Iconoclasm: The Mutilation and Destruction of Roman Sculpture in Late Antiquity”

General Introduction
Part I: An Introduction to the Study of Iconoclasm
Chapter 1: Image Wars: Historical & Social Background
Chapter 2: Literary Portrayals of Early Christian Iconoclasm
Chapter 3: Towards an Archaeology of Iconoclasm: Approaches and Methods
Part II: Fragmentation – Mutilation – Destruction
Chapter 4: The Afterlife of Roman Sculpture: Characteristics of Fragmentation
Chapter 5: Before the Fig Leaf: Body & Society in Late Roman Perge
Chapter 6: Soldiers, Bishops and Pilgrims: Agents of Iconoclasm in Late Roman Egypt
Chapter 7: From Veneration to Destruction: Responses to the Imperial Image in Late Antiquity
Part III: Iconoclasm in Context
Chapter 8: Agents and Motives: Iconoclasm in Context
Appendix A. Archaeology and Text: Further Considerations
Appendix B. De Paganis, Sacrificiis et Templis. Excerpts from the Theodosian Code.
Appendix C. Catalogue of the Sculptures from the South Baths at Perge.

The changelog tracks the changes to the outline over time.

July 14, 2005: Uploaded.
Sep. 3, 2005: Appendix B on the Theodosian Code added.
Sep. 4, 2005: Minor name change, chapter 3.
Sep. 14, 2005: Overhaul of chapter 6 (from broad perspective on iconoclasm in the east to more focused chapter on Greece).
Sep. 28, 2005: New provisional thesis title (more emphasis on sculpture).
Nov. 3, 2005: Major revisions, including more emphasis on specific archaeological cases in part II and addition of chapter on other kinds of fragmentation.
Nov. 10, 2005: Minor name changes, chapters 2 and 4.
Nov. 15, 2005: Appendix C added.
Dec. 16, 2005: Yet again I change the title of the thesis!
Apr. 19, 2006: A number of recent changes added – incl. new names for chapters 5, 6 and 7.
June 14, 2006: Last, minor changes including slightly changed titles of chapter 1 and appendix A.