Archaeology Live from Papua New Guinea

A team of archaeologists and anthropologists from University of Aarhus are currently in the Manus Province of Papua New Guinea where they’re looking for evidence for prehistoric globalization. Jeanette Varberg is blogging live from their adventures (in Danish). Unfortunately, the blog does not have a feed but it’s interesting reading. The project is part of the Danish Galathea 3 expedition.

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  1. If Varberg’s blog does not have a feed, who reads the comments? I would like to know where in Manus the archaeologists are working, and what they are hoping to find. Does prehistoric globalisation mean they hope to find evidence of items traded between Manus and other NG islands? Could the archaeologists also tell me the earliest know date for human habitation in the Admiralty Islands? I know of Pamwak, but have read that the lower levels of the excavation have not been fully examined. Is this still so?
    This is a serious enquiry – I am writing a history book for PNG students and any first-hand details (in English) I can get would be invaluable.

  2. Thanks for the quick response. The summary is good.

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