Banksy Strikes Again

I have slowly been starting a tradition here with friday posts that are a bit more eclectic than what I usually post here, but I like it that way, so bear with me. This post is part of my continuing series of “juxtapositions” or modern events related to iconoclasm. Recently, a feature article in Wired reminded me of culture jammer and “art terrorist” Banksy. His works have been shown in the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and several other prestigious museums – but always without the knowledge of their staff!

“Early Man Goes To Market” by Banksymus Maximus, British Museum.

His most notorious work is probably a “cave painting” entitled “Early Man Goes To Market”, that he set up in British Museum’s Gallery 49 (alongside finds from Roman Britain). Apparently, no one noticed the scam until Banksy announced his deed on the web, but even then the museum’s staff appear to have appreciated the joke, since it has remained on display. A lot of his other work is more “iconoclastic” in nature and include graffiti and stencil work in public places around London. His site is worth a visit.

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  1. Thanks a lot for that post. I’m currently working about Banksy with my pupils and enjoy this scam a lot.
    Take care and keep up the good blog! Eli.

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