Because history is violent…

I’ve waited a little while after my Katyn post to write about a truly bizarre website I found through RC. Here is how Headless Historicals present their own project:

Inspired by history, Headless Historicals™ dolls portray famous and not-so-famous men and women at both their very best and very worst. All of these dolls were originally salvaged from thrift shops and auctions, after which they were given new life (or death, to be more exact). Each doll is dressed in handmade outfits that resemble the attire that they might have worn in the height of their success in life while the body appears as it would have shortly after their death.

Using forensic photographs, written historical accounts, and techniques used for creating horror effects in film, special attention is given to the details of the injuries sustained during the final moments of each character’s life. All of the eyes are glazed over to produce the lack-luster stare of the dead. Torn flesh and deep gashes are shown in all their gory details and for decapitations the severed muscle tissue and bone is visible in the wound.

All of our dolls come with a certificate that includes a brief synopsis of the historical character’s life.

The site’s slogan? Because history is violent…

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