More Archaeological Art?

I have now settled in here in Canada, and blogging will be regular again. Speaking of Canada, the SAS inflight magazine had a small feature on Margaret Nicholson’s project “100 Pieces“. Here’s her own description:

In April of 2005, I placed 100 pieces of clay sculpture along the coastline of Nova Scotia. Lost or found, they will be left to nature or chance. Hopefully for someone to find. The sculpture is all figurative fragments or small busts. Each piece is fitted with an identity tag directing the finder to this web site which will then describe the origins of the piece that they have found. I put these sculptures in places that would not be inaccessible but not immediately obvious. Many of the pieces are designed to blend into their environment. The project is monitored over time and open ended. There is no precise way to determine the end point.

Another example of archaeological art?

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