Off to San Diego

When you read this, I’ll be on my way to San Diego for the 108th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America. It promises to be a very well attended meeting this year. Could the fact that it’s held in southern California play a part in this? Surely, I won’t comment on that. But there are also many interesting sessions this year. Here are those that I look particularly forward to and will try to attend:

1A. Aphrodisias
1D. Material Culture in Motion: Archaeological Approaches to Object Biographies
2B. Roman Sculpture
2H. The Abandoned Countryside: (Re)Settlement in the Archaeological Narrative of the Post-Classical Mediterranean
3H. Exploring the Identity of the Roman East
4A. Roman Provincial Encounters
5A. People in Prehistory: Agency, Identity, and the Individual in the Prehistoric Aegean
5E. Recent Investigations in Cilicia and the North Orontes Valley, Southeastern Turkey
5I. The Hellenic Brothel as Space, Place, and Idea
6G. Space and Memorialization in the Greek City
6H. Hellenistic and Roman Near East

You can also find me in session 3F “Late Antiquity and Beyond” giving a paper on the Christian destruction of pagan images in late antiquity. I can’t promise as extensive coverage as last year in Montreal though. But there’ll probably be a large summarizing post at some point. Autoposts will appear over the next couple of days with newsbits and varia.

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