Open Access Titles from the Oriental Institute

Via Savage Minds I’ve discovered that the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute offers open access to several of their publications as PDFs. Among the many interesting titles are:

The Amuq Valley Regional Projects, Volume 1 – Surveys in the Plain of Antioch and Orontes Delta, Turkey, 1995-2002” by Kutlu Aslihan Yener et al. See my earlier entry on Antioch for an introduction to this survey project.

Catalog of Demotic Texts in the Brooklyn Museum” by George R. Hughes et al. Such texts always give interesting glimpses into the past. Here’s what appears to be a Ptolemaic collection letter from an ostrakon (cat. no. 130, l. 2-5, p. 47):

“I have already sent to you; you have not…me
regarding the monies…,
whereas you have not… .
Let there be brought to me…[…](6)…[…].”

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