In terms of late antique archaeology, Croatia is an incredibly rich country. Before the recent EAA Annual Meeting in Zadar, I had the opportunity to visit Salona, just outside Split. Salona is a Caesarean colony that prospered well into the 6th century AD. Among the many highlights is the Manastirine ecclesiastical complex north of the city walls. The complex has just recently been published (Duval, Marin & Metzger 2000). It consists of a basilica and a very impressive necropolis. The Syrian bishop Domnio is said to have been buried here. As the sarcophagi are scattered across the entire site, it really gives an impression of how an early Christian burial ground looked like (although not all of the sarcophagi would have been visible during late antiquity).

Manastirine, Salona
Manastirine complex, Salona, Croatia. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

Manastirine, Salona
Sarcophagi in the Manastirine basilica, Salona. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

Another late antique highlight at Salona is the episcopal quarter in the northwestern part of the city. It includes among other things three basilicas, a baptistry and a bishop’s palace. Seen below is the “basilica urbana”. For the wealth of artefacts that has been found in the Salona excavations, refer to Marin 2002. More photos from Salona below the fold.

Basilica Urbana
“Basilica Urbana”, Salona. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

Salona City Gate
“Porta Caesarea”, Salona. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

Salona - Bygudinde
Fourth century AD relief showing a city goddess, in the Split Archaeological Museum, from the “Porta Caeserea”. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

Amphitheatre, Salona, partly excavated by Danish architect Ejnar Dyggve. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

Another view of the amphitheatre, Salona. Photo: TMK, September 2007.

N. Duval, E. Marin & C. Metzger (eds.) 2000. Salona III. Manastirine. Établissement préromain, nécropole et basilique paléochrétienne. Paris: École Française de Rome / Musée Archéologique de Split.

E. Marin (ed.) 2002. Longae Salonae. 2 vols. Split: Arheoloski Muzej.

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