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Caesarea Maritima
The “Byzantine Esplanade” at Caesarea Maritima, Israel, discussed in one of the articles below. Photo: TMK, June 2009.

Things have been slow on this blog, not only recently, but for a while. This will not change in the near future (although posts may randomly appear), due to a little thing called Dissertation. Instead, I will would like to point to the following forthcoming publications of mine that may be of interest to readers of this blog:

“Embodied Images: Christian Response and Destruction in Late Antique Egypt”, Journal of Late Antiquity 2 (2), autumn 2009.

“Religious Conflict in Late Antique Alexandria: Christian Responses to ’Pagan’ Statues in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries AD”, Alexandria – A Religious and Cultural Melting Pot, eds. G. Hinge & J. Krasilnikoff, pp. 158-176. Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity vol. 9. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press.

”The Display of Statues in the Late Antique Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean: Reflections on Memory, Meaning, and Aesthetics”, Debating Late Antique Urbanism: Within and Beyond the Walls, eds. G. Speed & D. Sami. Leicester Monographs in Archaeology. Leicester: School of Archaeology and Ancient History.

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  1. You have identified correctly Göbekli Tepe; you host the When on Google Earth 67… a brief interruption while you write your dissertation.


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