Some snapshots from the spectacular Umayyad site of Aanjar in Lebanon. This fortified city was built in the early 8th century AD on the same principles as a Roman city, i.e. using a square grid plan and with colonnaded streets. Its builders also made extensive use of spolia. Aanjar had several bathhouses, heated by hypocaust systems and decorated with mosaic floors. By all means, a fascinating site!

Aanjar, Lebanon: View towards the Anti-Lebanon mountains. Photo: TMK, October 2008.

Anjar Tetrapylon
Tetrapylon in the centre of Aanjar, Lebanon. Photo: TMK, October 2008.

Aanjar, Lebanon: Site overview taken from city walls. Photo: TMK, October 2008.

Hypocaust in Umayyad baths, Aanjar, Lebanon. Photo: TMK, October 2008.

Latrines with mosaic floor, Umayyad baths in Aanjar, Lebanon. Photo: TMK, October 2008.

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