AIA Montreal Day Zero: Arrival

Back in snowcovered, electioneering Canada. My connecting flight from Philadelphia to Montreal took us directly over a very wintery-looking Manhattan. However, just north of New York the clouds entirely covered the landscapes below. On arrival, everything was white and the snow was still falling, when I was lining up for the very long taxi queue at Trudeau Airport. I had some some fun though trying to spot Classicists arriving for the AIA/APA meeting. I opted for a non-conference hotel, just down the road from the Palais des Congrès, in cozy Vieux-MontrĂ©al. I’m currently taking advantage of the free wifi in the lobby. The room also comes with a copy of “The Confessions of Alexander the Great” by a certain Ashkan Karbasfrooshan – rather random!

Sessions and colloquia I look forward to include but are certainly not limited to:
(Re)Considering Roman Sculpture
Recovering Roman Slavery: New Approaches (See also my previous post on Roman slavery).
Politics and Propaganda in the Roman Provinces.
When Past and Present Collide: The Ethics of Archaeological Stewardship – workshop with Lynn Meskell, Ian Hodder and Alison Wylie among the panelists.

These are more or less the only sessions I will try to catch the entirety of. Otherwise, conference commuting will be in full effect.

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