An Ugly Dog in Yalvaç

Animal representations are popular among many museum-goers, the famous Sala degli Animali at the Vatican is always a draw. But this statuette of a dog is quite possibly the ugliest piece of Roman sculpture I’ve ever seen. But then again, I’m not really a dog person. It can be seen in the archaeological museum in Yalvaç (Turkey) whose star piece is a copy of the Res Gestae from Pisidian Antioch.

Statuette of a dog from Pisidian Antioch, in the Yalvaç museum. Photo: TMK, May 2006.

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  1. It must have been extremely well-trained to be able to sit there so long while being sculpted!

    I think he/she has a sweet face but it was a good guard dog and not overfed or indulged by the owner – look at those muscles!

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