Archaeological Engagements: New Media and Beyond

European Journal of Archaeology volume 10.1 has just appeared online. It includes a special reviews section, ‘Archaeological Engagements: New Media and Beyond’, edited by yours truly. The seven contributions that make up this section all explore the engagement of archaeology in new media and a number of contemporary cultural phenomena such as computer games and online worlds. It covers well-established formats, such as cinema, photography and the internet, as well as alternative forms of engagement, such as the subculture of urban exploration. It includes the following contributions:

Introduction: Archaeology and New Media: Practices and Possibilites by Troels Myrup Kristensen

Playing with the Past: A review of Three ‘Archaeological’ PC Games by Andrew Gardner

Second Lives: Online Worlds for Archaeological Teaching and Research by Shawn Graham

300 Six Packs: Pop Culture Takes on Thermopylae by Jenny Wallensten

Archaeology on the Web: A German Perspective by Constanze Witt

Electric Strata: Assemblage and Changes in Postgraduate Publication on the Internet by Alun Salt

Archaeology on the Ground: The Memory Practices of David Webb by Chris Witmore

Urban Exploration as Archaeological Engagement: A Review of by Tim Flohr Sørensen

The section could come not have come together without the aid of a number of fellow bloggers and I’d like to thank them all for their enthusiasm in this venture. Also look out for an online companion of URLs and SLURLs coming very soon on the EJA blog .

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