Arizona and Southwestern Archaeology

I’m in Arizona. Temperaturewise it’s a nice change from Canada (from -25 to +25). Another thing I have always enjoyed about the Southwest is its Precolumbian archaeology, and especially the Hohokam and Pueblo ruins. This time I was lucky enough to visit some of the more inaccessible sites in the Congress valley and the Prescott high desert. Here’s a selection of my photos from a petroglyph site and two fortified hilltops:

Petroglyphs in the Congress area, Arizona. Photo: TMK, December 2005.

View from the Mir Fortified Hilltop Site, Arizona. Photo: TMK, December 2005.

Wagener Creek Fort
Climbing the Wagener Creek Fort, Arizona. Photo: TMK, December 2005.

View from the Wagener Creek Fort, Arizona. Photo: TMK, December 2005.

I am very grateful to Bonnie and Shelley from the Arizona Site Stewards programme for introducing me to these sites.

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  1. It was quite a treat to find your picture of petroglyphs near here in Congress. I have sat and looked from many of those same views that you took your pictures from.

    I was fortunate to work for a man who’s parents homesteaded and built a stone house on the Hassayampa roughly 25 miles SE of where you took the shot of the Desert Bighorn petroglyphs. Being on private property for over 45 years very few people other than family friends know of them or have viewed them. Located on the southern side of the river on one of the stretches that flows above ground there are turtles, snakes, lizards and various symbols.

    Sadly , due to a injury my hiking days are behind me but looking over your pictures brings back some very good memories of days spent with my wife & daughters, bota bags slung over our shoulders and the excitement of wondering what is going to be on the other side of the next ridge line or down that canyon.

    I would gladly share some pictures with you but back then we didn’t have a digital camera. What pictures of that site I have are reguler photos and I don’t own a scanner.

  2. Is the big rock with the petroglyphs on it near Congress I have been looking so I can take photos could you give me some directions Thank You Cecil Hale

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