Autumn 2008

Here are my “gigs” for autumn 2008: Friday 26 September The Afterlife of Roman Sculpture: Late Antique Perceptions and Practices University of Aarhus “The Afterlife of Sculpture in Late Antique Alexandria.” Friday 10 October Danish Institute in Damascus, Syria “Statues in Space: The Display of Sculpture in the Late Antique Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean.” […]

TAG Session: Archaeologies of Destruction

Here’s an abstract for a session on ‘Archaeologies of Destruction’, to be held at the upcoming TAG in Southampton, 15-17 December: Archaeologies of destruction Ben Croxford ( and Troels Myrup Kristensen (University of Aarhus; It is often the norm that material studied archaeologically is incomplete or in some way damaged. Despite the frequent engagement […]

Late Antique Archaeology 2008: A Recap

I was in London on Saturday for the 2008 meeting of Late Antique Archaeology. The theme of this year’s conference was “Recent Fieldwork in Urban Archaeology” and papers were presented on Noviodunum (Romania), Boeotia, Aphrodisias, Ephesus, Sagalassos, Ostia, Delphi, Apamea (Syria), Canterbury and Istanbul. The Temple of Apollo, Delphi. The temple was repaired after a […]

Upcoming Talks

Here’s a list of the talks that I’ll be doing this semester. The majority of them will present aspects of my dissertation research on Christian responses to images in late antique Egypt. Tuesday 4 March “Billedstrid og billedstormere i det senantikke Ægypten” (“Iconoclasm and Bildstürmer in Late Antique Egypt”) Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, […]

Constructions of Memory

Here’s the programme for a really cool seminar in March that I’ll take part in: “Erindringskonstruktioner – Erindring og glemsel i overgangsperioder” (“Constructions of Memory – Memory and Forgetting in Periods of Transformation”), hosted by the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for the Study of the Cultural Heritage of Medieval Rituals at the University of […]