Odin and Pallas Athene in Copenhagen

The highly influential architect Martin Nyrop (1849-1921) completed a renovation project of Copenhagen’s “Stormbroen” in 1918. However, already sixteen years later he had come up with a new design for the bridge that was “prototyped” but never finished. This design included two relief sculptures, one depicting the Norse god Odin, the other Pallas Athena, juxtaposing […]

Bodrum – “City of Immortal Love” and Other News

In our recent paper on Bodrum and Karian heritage, we noted the general absence of local street or place names named after Maussollos and/or Artemisia. Well, things change quickly in Bodrum sometimes. In Summer 2020, no less than two exhibition halls were inaugurated by Bodrum Municipality; one named after Maussollos and the other, Artemisia (some […]

Being Karian: On “Classical” Heritage in Bodrum

Gönül Bozoglu, Vinnie Nørskov and I have a new paper on “The Phantom Mausoleum: Contemporary Local Heritages of a Wonder of the Ancient World in Bodrum, Turkey” out in the Journal of Social Archaeology. The paper is based on ethnographic fieldwork in Bodrum that we’ve done over a number of years and especially a series […]

Graphs, Statues and Social History

I first became aware of this graph of the chronological distribution of confederate monuments last year when Jen Trimble gave a virtual paper for our sculpture seminar. Not all of these monuments are statues, but many are…..The graph has since then appeared in Alexander Bauer’s JSA paper, “Itineraries, iconoclasm, and the pragmatics of heritage“. It […]

Jen Trimble on Iconoclasm and the Modern Materialities of Ancient Sculpture

Back in June last year, in the aftermath of the fall of Colston and US debates about confederate statues, we had Jen Trimble (Stanford) talking to us via Zoom about “Carving, Recarving, Deforming, Destroying: Modern Materialities of Ancient Sculpture.” The recording of her lecture is available here: