Industrial Heritage in Barcelona

Factory facade reused as waterfall in Parc del Clot, Barcelona. Photo: TMK, December 2009. My old blog (in Danish) frequently featured posts on urbanity, ruins and urban exploration, topics that I have only rarely touched on here. Yet during a recent visit to Barcelona, I was struck by notable attempts to incorporate the industrial heritage […]

Visiting Abu Mina – A Coptic Pilgrimage Site

The new monastic complex at Abu Mina, as seen from the ruined Northern Basilica. Photo: TMK, May 2008. In a post last month, I mentioned my emerging interest in pilgrimage, especially from as seen from the perspective of material and visual culture. This interest stems, at least in part, from visits to sites that are […]

The Archaeology of the Hajj

The holy mosque at Mecca with high-rise pilgrim hotels and other construction massively re-shaping the cityscape. Photo copyright Khaled Desouki. One of my future projects is to take a closer archaeological look at pilgrimage in a cross-cultural perspective. So it was fascinating to see this photo essay in the Danish newspaper Information on the Hajj […]