Archaeology Live from Papua New Guinea

A team of archaeologists and anthropologists from University of Aarhus are currently in the Manus Province of Papua New Guinea where they’re looking for evidence for prehistoric globalization. Jeanette Varberg is blogging live from their adventures (in Danish). Unfortunately, the blog does not have a feed but it’s interesting reading. The project is part of […]

Late Antique Art and Archaeology in Aarhus

I have neglected to announce the wonderful news that the Danish Research Council recently offered a generous grant to the establishment of a collective research project based in the Department of Classical Archaeology at the University of Aarhus – “Art and Social Identities in Late Antiquity” of which I am a member. Our project’s website […]

Roman Provincial Coinage Online

Roman Provincial Coinage is an extremely useful online resource. The RPC volumes are usually around £100-150 a piece and thus not always affordable for non-specialist libraries. Shown above is a coin from Gerasa (see yesterday’s post) with a portrait of Faustina the Younger (identified by the inscription ΦΑΥΣΤΕΙΝΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ) on the obverse and a bust […]