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The European Journal of Archaeology News, Views & Reviews blog, edited by Cornelius (Holtorf) and myself, has recently been launched. If you have any news or information relevant to members of the European archaeological community, do let us know via the contact page.

In Rome

I’m in Rome and spending most of my days at DAI. I’ve been struggling a little with my methodological chapter (i.e. chapter 3), but it’s coming along nicely now. Substantial sections of chapters 6 (on the Egyptian material) and 7 (on the imperial cult) have also been written. I’ll also try to keep updates of […]

Space Heritage: The Buran Exhibition in Gorky Park

Alun has an interesting post on space heritage. If the post-processual project in part has been to give voice to the under-represented, suppressed and failed attempts in the archaeological record, then in terms of space heritage, the exhibition in Moscow’s Gorky Park of the failed Soviet space shuttle Buran needs to be recognized. It is […]

The Archaeology of Late Antique Paganism

I haven’t been keeping up with entries lately. I plan to return to more regular updates next week. In the meantime, here’s news about an interesting forthcoming conference – although this one I unfortunately won’t be able to attend. THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF LATE ANTIQUE PAGANISM (LATE ANTIQUE ARCHAEOLOGY 2005, MEETING 2) KULeuven, Belgium, 25th-26th November […]

Danish Classical Digs in the Mediterranean

A change in publication policy of some of the major funding bodies has led to the sudden appearance of websites from a number of Danish Classical excavations in the Mediterranean. Here’s a list for those who might be interested: Zea Harbour Project, Greece Kalydon, Greece Francavilla Marittima, Italy (Coming soon) Halikarnassos, Turkey (Under construction) Further […]

TRAC 2006, Cambridge

The sessions for the 16th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC), to be held 24-25 March 2006 in Cambridge, have been announced. They include: “A Zooarchaeological Approach to Romanisation: Cross-cultural Synthesis or One-Way Traffic?” “Expression of Identities in the Eastern Empire” “Making ends meet or early globalisation? Economies of power, culture and identity in the Roman […]