The Destruction of Pre-Christian Monuments in Mexico

The destruction and mutilation of pre-Christian monuments played an important and very tragic role in the Spanish conquest of the cultures of modern Mexico. Notoriously, the monuments and temples of Tenochtitlan were demolished in such a thorough fashion that very little of the once glorious city remained visible until the discovery of the Templo Mayor […]

Dovecotes, Tradition and National Identity in Egypt

Portrait of Mubarak, Abdine Palace Museum, Cairo. Photo: TMK, May 2008. Dovecotes are not only an omnipresent part of many Egyptian landscapes. They are also very much part of the national identity of modern Egypt, as seen for example in the above portrait of Mubarak in the Abdine Palace in Cairo. It shows a contemplative […]

Augustus Redux in Stockholm

An excellent new book (with an accompanying exhibition) on the use of Classical architecture and motifs in my hometown Aarhus has just been published (Nørskov 2008, in Danish). Having recently read this, I was very attuned to similar examples of Classical reception on a brief trip to Stockholm (and the very hospitable Department of Archaeology […]

A World Away from Rome: Teotihuacan

Street of the Dead from the “Pyramid of the Moon”, Teotihuacan, Mexico. “Pyramid of the Sun” in the background. Photo: TMK, December 2007. I think it’s fair to say that whatever Europeanist biases remaining within me received some final and (hopefully) fatal blows by visiting Teotihuacan in December. The site, roughly contemporary of the Roman […]

Classics and Civic Identity at the Old Poznan City Hall

The reception of Classical antiquity has become quite a hot topic in recent years. It helps that there are lots of examples of the use and appropriation of Classical themes and motifs in modern art and architecture that can be studied through this approach. The field of reception studies has also increasingly been accepted as […]