Italy to set its eyes on the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek?

Note anything new and out of the ordinary on this webpage from the Metropolitan Museum of Art presenting the famous krater painted by Euphronios and colloquially known as the Million Dollar Vase? Well, after the recent deal between the museum and the Italian authorities, it now clearly states that the vase is “lent by the Republic of Italy”.

GlyptoteketThe latest ramifications of the Medici/Hecht case have now reached Danish shores. What started as a series of articles in the smaller and intellectual Information newspaper has spread to the more widely read Politiken. Will the Italians begin to set their eyes more firmly on the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen and other museums in Europe with antiquities that have made their way out of Italy since the 1970s?

Here’s a list of and links to recent articles (in Danish – here with my translations of the headlines that somewhat sum up the ordeal as it has unfolded over the last couple of days):
Glyptoteket: Vi har købt alt i god tro” (“The Glyptotek: We have bought everything in good faith”) (2 December)
Minister vil have redegørelse fra Glyptoteket” (“Minister of Culture wants an explanation from the Glyptotek”) (2 December)
Satyren kender hemmeligheden…” (“The Satyr knows the secret”) (1 December)
Glyptoteket udstiller tyvekoster” (“The Glyptotek exhibits stolen goods”) (1 December)

Update 9 December: More headlines, this time from Information (subscription required):
Kulturministeren har vildledt i Glyptoteket-sag” (“The Minister of Culture has misled in Glyptoteket-case”) (6 December)
Oppositionen kræver nyt svar” (“The opposition demands a new answer”) (6 December)
Glyptoteket ændrer forklaring” (“The Glyptotek changes explanation”) (8 December)
Leder: Ministeriel modvillje” (“Leading article: Ministerial animosity”) (9 December)

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