London Book Raid

Of course I couldn’t go to London without bringing back some additions to my library. Among these were a number of late antique titles, including “The Egyptian Hermes. A Historical Approach to the Late Pagan Mind” by Garth Fowden (orig. 1986, new ed. 1993), and “Pagan City and Christian Capital. Rome in the Fourth Century” by John Curran (2000, rep. 2007). I also got Christopher Woodward’s “In Ruins” (2001), which is useful in light of my recent interest in decay and entropy. At Quinto in Great Russell Street (just across the street from the BM), I came in time for a “50% off everything” sale and found the following second hand bargains: “Gender Archaeology” by Marie Louise Stig Sørensen (2000), “Towns in Roman Britain” by Julian Bennett (1984), “Roman Forts in Britain” by David Breeze (1983), and “Romano-British Wall Painting” by Roger Ling (1985). At Foyles, I also came across (and subsequently picked up) Mortimer Wheeler’s “Rome Beyond the Imperial Frontier” (1955).

A number of VSIs were also added to the growing collection: “The Renaissance” by Jerry Brotton (2006), “Poststructuralism” by Catherine Belsey (2002), and “Classical Mythology” by Helen Morales (2007).

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