Maussolleion Reconstructions: From Dinsmoor to Dali

I have been thinking a little about where Kühnel got his inspiration to use the “Maussolleion of Halikarnassos” as the model for his crematorium in Nordre Kirkegård.

The American architect William B. Dinsmoor (1886-1973) published two papers on the Maussolleion in the 1908 volume of American Journal of Archaeology, from which the above reconstruction is taken. Ultimately, I think it’s unlikely that Kühnel was up to date on such archaeological reconstructions. On the other hand, Dinsmoor’s arrangement with the equestrian statue, steps, lions and cypresses seems to have been a direct inspiration to Salvador Dali almost fifty years later.

Dali, Le mausolée d’Halicarnasse (1955)

More of Dinsmoor’s Maussolleion:

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