News from the Zea Harbour Project

Zea solnedgang
Sunset in Marina Zeas, Piraeus, Greece. Photo: TMK, October 2004.

My friends at the Zea Harbour Project have recently completed their sixth season of work. Since the start in 2001, the project has moved from scall-scale work in the Zea harbour to underwater excavations and land-based digital surveying in several areas of Piraeus including the naval harbours of Zea and Mounichia as well as the fortification walls. A report on their work in 2006 can be found here. They have just secured major funding from the Carlsberg Foundation for work in 2007. Congrats!

Bjørn Lovén, Mads Møller Nielsen & Mette Schaldemose, forthcoming. “The Zea Harbour Project: The First Six Years”, Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens.

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