TRAC 2006, Cambridge

The sessions for the 16th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC), to be held 24-25 March 2006 in Cambridge, have been announced. They include:

“A Zooarchaeological Approach to Romanisation: Cross-cultural Synthesis or One-Way Traffic?”

“Expression of Identities in the Eastern Empire”
“Making ends meet or early globalisation? Economies of power, culture and identity in the Roman world”
“Presenting the Romans”
“Religion in the Roman Empire: The Private versus the Public sphere”

“Romanization” – or rather, how to successfully replace it – is once again at the centre of everyone’s attention. The sessions on the eastern Empire and public vs private religion are welcome additions though.

Update: More sessions announced:
“Engendering Cultural Change: ‘Romanization’ or Continuity?”
“General Session”

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