Tricastin and the Visual Culture of French Street Activism

Parts of the Rhône valley were this year marred by a small-scale environmental scare when in July uranium was accidentally released from the Tricastin nuclear power plant, a notable feature on the A7. This is, of couse, a serious matter with both political and environmental implications. However, what caught my eye and will be focus of this post were the different kinds of visual culture employed to comment on and respond to such an event in the streets of local communities. Here are two radically different examples, one artistic and one ranting, from the streets of Avignon and Nyons:

Collectif Antinucléaire84
Poster by the Collectif Antinucléaire84 in the streets of Avignon (84 being the postal code of Vaucluse). Photo: TMK, August 2008.

Nyons rant
A rant in Nyons: “From ‘anomaly’ to nuclear nightmare”. Photo: TMK, August 2008.

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