Upcoming Talks

Here’s a list of the talks that I’ll be doing this semester. The majority of them will present aspects of my dissertation research on Christian responses to images in late antique Egypt.

Tuesday 4 March
“Billedstrid og billedstormere i det senantikke Ægypten” (“Iconoclasm and Bildstürmer in Late Antique Egypt”)
Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, University of Stockholm, 4 pm

Thursday 13 March
“Iconoclasm, Forgetting, and the Life Histories of Roman Statues”
Part of the eminar “Constructing Memory – Remembrance and oblivion in times of transition”, University of Copenhagen (see my previous post).

Saturday 5 April
“Destruction as Devotion: The Materiality of Sacred Places in Roman and Late Antique Egypt” at the 18th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Amsterdam

Thursday 10 April
Public lecture for Dansk Ægyptologisk Selskab (Danish Egyptological Society):
“Om idoler og dæmoner. Billedernes magt i det senantikke Ægypten” (“Of Idols and Demons. The Power of Images in Late Antique Egypt”)
Museum of Ancient Art, University of Aarhus, 7 pm

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